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Sarjan Skill is a skill development social activity
Sarjan SKill Work as in important in Bringing Sustainable Change in the Lives of Underprivileged Children, Youth and Women with a Life-Cycle Approach of Development.

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Skills and training are the riding forces of economic increase and social development for any country. Countries with better and higher degrees of skills modify more correctly to the challenges and opportunities of worldwide work.

A large population of India still remains in Rural areas where they are facing a number of problems related to their development. If we develop the Rural area of the country in all the aspects including economical, social, political, educational, the same will make nation development as a whole. Rural poor need income-generating opportunities, credit facilities, infrastructure development, and social development opportunities for their overall development. Sarjan Skill continuously supports Rural people for making their life better through skill development and educational program.

We arrange international camps of knowledge, science, art, music, literature, and culture for young men and women. To gather information regarding employment from the Government and provide it to people and give guidance to get the advantage of the employment department.

Sarjan Skill (Skill Development)
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